For Classes V to VII


  • White half-sleeved shirt.
  • Navy Blue shorts.
  • White socks & Black School shoes


  • White half-sleeved blouses
  • Navy Blue skirts(Pleated & upto knee length).
  • White socks & Black School shoes.

For Classes VIII to XII


  • Salwar Kameez, Kamiz with High Neck half-sleeves with shoulder straps with white orna, Salwar of Navy Blue colour, White socks & Black School shoes


  • Sarees- White Body with navy Blue edge White half Sleeved Cotton Blouses with shirt collars, White socks & Black School shoes or salwar kamiz asa mention for VIII-X


  • White half-sleeved shirt,Navy Blue tousers.White socks & Black School shoes

Common for all :-

  • I. White socks(without design and with 5” length)
  • II. Black shoes with lace/ white P.T. shoes (for boys)
  • III. Black shoes with a strap across the instep / white P. T. shoes (girls)
  • IV. One school badge
  • V. One House badge
  • VI. Girls with long hair should have it neatly plaited and tied with white ribbons, and those having shorts hair should have it neatly combed and kept off the face with black hair clips or white hair bands or white ribbons.
  • VII. For boys in winter- Navy blue sleeveless or full sleeved pull-overs(with’V’ neck in plain stocking stitched only) and white socks (without design and with 10” length )
  • VIII. For girls in winter- From V to VII – same as of the boys From IX to XII – Navy blue cardigans as per instructions.

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