Memorial Prizes

  • I. Shanti Bhattacharyya Memorial Prize awarded to student from class V to VIII securing position in language Group during the session.
  • II. Abhisek Dasgupta Memorial Prize donated by his mother Smt. Kabit Roy Dasgupta awarded to two participants, one boy and girl, showing excellecnt sport performance during the session.
  • III. Late “BIRAJRANJAN DASGUPTA SMIRITI PUROSKAR” donate by Dr. Subhra Dasgupta, wife of late Biraj Ranjan dasgupta in memry of herhusband awarded to the best out-going student of Madhyamik Pariksha and H.S. Examination.
  • IV. Dr. Subpdhkr. Chakraborty Memorial Prize fonate by Smt. Minakshi Chakraborty Daughter of Late Subodh Kr. Chakraborty one of the founder fathers and shaping forces of the School in its early days awarded to.
  • i) A taught who obtains the highest aggregate in the M.P. from this school with not less than 80% marks in Mathematics. ii) A taught who obtains the highest aggregate in the H. S. Exam. from this school with not less than 80% marks in Mathematics.
  • V. Arpita Kundu Memorial Prize donate by Smt. Mina Kundu in memory of her daughter, Arpit Kundu a beloved student of our school, awarded to the student standing first in class VI.
  • VI. Manindra Kumar Chatterjee & Hiranbala Chatterjee Memorial Prize donate by Smt. Anurupa Sen, Ex-Teacher, B.E. Cllege Model School, in memory of her beloved Parents, awarded to a taught securing highest mark in Aggregate of humanities stream in H.S. Examination.
  • VII. Late S.M. Roy Memorial Prize donate by Prof. Ajoy Kr. Roy, Director IIEST, Shibpur and President of the Managing Committee Sec & H. S.Sec, B.E. College Model School, awarfef to a student who secures highest marks in H.S. Exam of the year.
  • VIII. “Soumya Bhattacharyya Memorial Prize” donated by his parents Smt. Shrabani Bhattacharyya and Sri Pariml Bhattacharyya awarded to a taught. i) who secure highest marks in computer science in H. S. Exam of the year. ii) who secure highest in marks computer Application in H.S. Exam of the year.
  • IX. “Ramanujan Memorial Prize” donated by Sri Sankhadip Gayen, Assistant teacher B.E. College Model School awarded to thr students of classes VI, VII, VIII,IX,X for scoring highest marks in Mathamatics of the academic year.
  • X. “Debasish Sinha Memorial Prize” donated by Mrs. Barnali Sinha in memory of her husband, awarded to the students from class VII to X who secured highest marks in science group of the academic session.

Special Prizes

  • I. Special prizes donated by Alumni association and saraswati Puja Committee 1995 awarded to students from classes V to X securing highest marks in social science Group during the session.
  • II. Special Prizes are awarded for best attendance and other co-curricular activities like debate contests, Recitation (in Bengali, English and Hindi) competitions etc.
  • III. A house championship shield is awarded to the house that secures the highest points in Academic attainments.

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