Rules Regulation


Rules and Regulations Disciplinary, Academic and Administrative

  • Admission to school shall ordinarily be made once a year. It is open to all boys and girls provided they conform to the standard expected for the classes in which admissions are sought and seats are available. Candidates seeking admission shall have to sit for Admission Test.
  • The Head of the Institution has the right terminate or issue transfer certificate to a student whose conduct is unsatisfactory.
  • Studentes shall have to come to school with sheduled SCHOOL UNIFORM.Gurdians have to keep sharp watch on the neatness and personal appearance of their wards in order to preserve healthy.
  • Students must be present at the school premises within 10-30 a.m. They have to stand in queue to sing the national anthem.Note: No students will be allowed in the school after the prayer session.
  • Regularity and punctuality in attending school hours/activities are strictly observed. Absentees must produce a letter from the guardians stating reasons of absence on the date he / she join the school after the period of absence. Students of classes V to XII generally must attend 75 % of the total working days of an academic session as per the rules of W.B.B.S.E. and W.B. council of higher-secondary Education. In case they fail to maintain then they will not promoted to next Higher Classes, or they will not be sent up for Madhyamik Pariksha and H.S Examination, whichever is applicable. However a Student of class X-XI or of Class XII can be considered for being sent up if he / she attend atleast 60% of the total working days that too against production of valid documents of being affected by natural disasters, deadly diseases like hepatitisB and fatal accidents.
  • Taughts shall not be allowed to leave the school during school hours once they have come to school. Guardians should not send their wards to attend school only for a part of the school hours with an application seeking permission for early leave.
  • Maintenance of a sound sense of sanitation is a must for all students.
  • Special attention is paid by all the members of the teaching and non-teaching staff to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in the school.
  • Students found loitering on the corridor and encouraging indiscipline until a new period begins shall be severely dealt with. Use of toilet would be allowed only after 2nd,3rd and 6th period.
  • Courtesy and respect to the superiors shall characterize the students of this institution.
  • Every student is obliged to participate in all school activities. Attendance on Republic day, Annual Sports day, Independence Day and Annual Prize distribution ceremony is compulsory.
  • No student shall be allowed to attend physical Education classes without proper P.T. dress.
  • School properties viz, furniture, electricals, laboratory objects and library books must be handled with due care. If any student damages a property he/she has to pay penalty for that according to the decision of disciplinary committee.
  • School shall not be held responsible for loss of articles of the taught in the school premises.
  • In case of any accident in the school premises liability shall not be imposed on the school authority obviously because accidents are beyond control. However, the authority will take care of the students as far as practicable.
  • School dues shall have to be paid on or before the date scheduled by the office.

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